The works of Monique Tippett are an exploration of herrelationship with the natural environment of south west Western Australia. Specifically,the forest landscape that surrounds her home near Dwellingup in the Peelregion.

The forests of this area are an inestimably valuable,thin belt of undiscovered biodiversity, part of one of only thirty-fiveworldwide biodiversity hotspots. Through the ongoing and unfettered spread ofbauxite mining and the imminent threat of climate change it needs ourprotection more than ever.

Through her work Monique strives to portray its scale,its light, texture and beauty. She hopes to bring focus to its fragility in theface of the grave man-made threats before it.

Her works are finely crafted objects and stand as arecord of one woman’s insight and relationship with this unique environment.Each piece transcends the two-dimensional image, spanning the gap betweensculpture and painting.  Light reflectedoff the surface, in a subtle linear geometry, engages the viewer and thetactile language of bark and timber provide an intimate and materialconnection.

The works are enigmatic, abstraction draws contemplation,its mystery holds the viewer in place and asks them to consider their ownrelationship with the natural world, to stand quietly and feel a part of thepeace and the power that is felt when immersed amongst a wild and ancientplace.

After living in the heart of the forest for 18 years, itssoul has infiltrated her own. Her connection is strong, and she says she “canonly wonder at the depth of connection to country a whole people achieved over60000 years.”

Monique is an established, leading West Australian artistwith a prolific studio practice and a catalogue of public artworks in Perth,the wheatbelt and the southwest. Her work is held in many private and publiccollections nationally and internationally.

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