MoniqueTippett lives and works in Dwellingup, 100km southeast of Perth. She moved there 14 years ago with her husband, son and daughter in an impulsive leap of faith.

Her instinctive attraction to the southwest forests changed her life. After studying full time for two years at The Australian School of Fine Wood she put her new skills to use to create beautifully finished artworks using timber from the local area.

Her art is inspired by the forested environment she lives in. Its moods are her muse.

What you see on the wall is pure feeling, a vision of her personal relationship with the forest.

Her works are landscapes, images filtered, distilled through Moniques creative psyche.

They show the changing of light through the day and across the seasons.

Brooding under the brittle, bright light of summer.

Winter light, filtered through mists and rain.

So many colours, the ubiquitous greens, yellows and earthy tones.

Shades of blue as the forest breathes and the light transitions between night and day.

Her layered use of tinted lacquers that catch the light on different textures and colours, create a real sense of movement as the viewer moves past the work.

There are also references to lightplay on water, inspiration taken from the ocean, the Murray River near Dwellingup, and local dams, including the dam that her studio overlooks.

Her blank canvases are the natural timbers endemic to the region; the under lying grain informs the work and affirms the link to the timbered environment.

This material also allows her to burn the surface to create the texture of a fire scarred landscape, so prevalent in our consciousness for many months of the year. Ash is collected from the forest floor and applied to the surface to enhance the natural palette of texture and colour. Fire and ash, such a crucial facet of the forest cycle narrative; life, death, decay and regeneration.

In the last seven years her practice has expanded into the public art realm. This has challenged her creatively and afforded her the opportunity to explore thelarge sculptural form, a medium well suited to the scale of her subject.

Monique has recently built a new studio on twenty acres just outside Dwellingup. This bigger space is invaluable in producing large scale works and gives her the ability to view the emerging work in the context of an open space, an important tool in judging scale and composition. She is excited to consider what new directions this will take her and is anticipating fresh inspiration from new vistas and an even closer connection to the landscape.

Her public artworks, wall mounted and external sculptures, can be found from Margaret River to Bunbury, Perth and the wheat belt.

E: [email protected]

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