Day 3 Banff Centre Residency

Its my first few days here at the Banff Centre.  Yesterday was orientation day and we spent a few hours looking through all the seperate studio set ups….omg, each department is set up to the highest standards, every machine, process and materials are available for us to use, from the fully equipped woodworking studio,  a ceramic studio with several different types of kilns, draws and draws filled with glazes and samples.  Little sculptures and pots that other residents have left behind, fill every available space.  The photography studio has state of the art, enlargers, projectors, equipment I have never seen (I wish my daugther Ebony and Cameron were here),  light  photographic white studio with green screen, cameras and projectors of all kinds available to use.  Large format printers of in all shapes and sizes……… well as digital sound and  audio rooms filled with equipment as well as technical technical help……….phew!!!!!  It is mind blowing!

I formally got to meet the other artist in residence and staff yesterday as well and I am really happy to say that everyone is really upbeat and friendly, and the staff are super helpful.  We were also given our studio keys, so first thing this morning I headed up to my space to unpack and get stuck into it!  

Stay tuned, I will be posting images of my marquettes and little paintings I have started today over the next few days…… well as some more pics of the studios.

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