The Banff Centre Artist Residency Feb 29th to Mar 26th 2016

Tomorrow is my first day at The Banff Centre, Alberta, Canada.   Banff is a 90 min flight from Vancouver.  It is nestled in the Rocky Mountains, surrounded by national parks.  This will be a once in a life time opportunity for me to visit this world renowned centre for the arts.   I am so very grateful to receive a grant from Western Australian Department of Culture and The Arts to attend this 4 week residency.  I will be surrounded by a community of artistic peers, attend inspiring talks and performances by world-renowned visiting artists, and enjoy a spectacular mountain environment where you can engage or seek retreat. 

The Banff Artist in Residence program provides time and space for artists, curators, and researchers to create, experiment with and develop production techniques, and cultivate new directions in their work. This program provides access to world-class facilities in photography, sculpture, printmaking, papermaking, ceramics, textiles, painting, performance, media arts, film, and audio, as well as supporting curatorial and critical studies. What does the program offer artist?  it offers the opportunity to create while removed from from the constraints of everyday life.  What more can one ask for!

While attending the artist residency I will be researching my response to the landscape through the development of sculptural and three dimensional linear forms.  My work is the result of an instinctual relationship with the natural environment that bridges the gap between painting and sculpture.  My intention is to use the time to extend the limits of my sculptural repertoire, to further explore the strong lineal and textural qualities of the forested landscape that surrounds my home in Dwellingup, Western Australia.  The sculptural form is an intuitive response to the myriad natural features of the sylvan environment: fallen logs, arboreal bodies, canopy and understory shaped over time by elemental forces, fire and fauna, wind and water.

How do these resultant forms of the cycle of growth and decay inform my work, aesthetically and conceptually?

Thanks also to my family for letting me go on this adventure, I hope to share with you what I learn!

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