A collaboration between artist Monique Tippett and Pavel Perina.

The artwork for the Northern Winter Garden is alarge timber sculpture that explores the themes of the natural environment andits role in nurturing our holistic wellbeing.

The work is organic in nature, drawing on theforms of curving, intertwined tree limbs and fallen logs; the forest floor. It is a linkwith the iconic Kings Park, viewed magnificently through the high windows ofthe Northern Winter Garden.         Weexplored the memories of our own childhoods and the hours spent in bushlandclimbing trees and crawling on and under logs and limbs, exploring secretspaces. 

The work is also inspired by linked and embracing limbs of trees, twointertwined curved forms, separate but joined, in an evocation of an embracebetween mother and child. Their graceful shapes move in a sinuous dialogue,redolent of the mutually supportive relationship between two loved ones. Theworks fluidity and asymmetrical lines create a dynamic relationship with theviewer as their perspective changes in transit past it.  It is a work of strength and elegance.

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